that campstuck au really REALLY rough outline of possible things to happen

[10:40:41 PM] lexi: ok so

[10:40:50 PM] lexi: like its a big cam p ok

[10:40:54 PM] lexi: like w cabins and stuff

[10:41:00 PM] Sarah  Watson: Mmmhm

[10:41:03 PM] lexi: not sure if it should be like all boys or what but

[10:41:18 PM] lexi: john and dave share one of the bunks in one of the cabins

[10:41:21 PM] lexi: and dave is like

[10:41:24 PM] lexi: at first

[10:41:47 PM] lexi: ugh this fuvking loser is totally cramping my style please dont talk to me

[10:42:09 PM] lexi: and john is just super excited to make FRIENDS because he’s not all that popular back home

[10:42:11 PM] lexi: and it shows

[10:42:21 PM] lexi: but hes like

[10:42:29 PM] lexi: really interested in dave

[10:42:42 PM] Sarah  Watson: Omgg

[10:42:49 PM] lexi: because hes from TEXAS and has this accent he tried to hide

[10:42:59 PM | Edited 10:43:08 PM] lexi: john points it out every time it slips and dave gets so mad

[10:43:43 PM] lexi: and dave is just ‘kill me now i cant take this anymore this kid is so embarassing why me god why me what did i ever do’

[10:43:59 PM] lexi: and maybe at one point

[10:44:10 PM] lexi: MAYBE i just literally at this second thought this

[10:44:54 PM] lexi: that dave has come cooler friends at the camp and john hears them talking about how obnoxious he is

[10:45:02 PM] lexi: and dave doesnt stop them just kinda laughs it off

[10:45:15 PM] Sarah  Watson: Omg no

[10:45:17 PM] lexi: and this is the point where dave is actually starting to warm up to him

[10:45:28 PM] lexi: and in his head hes like

[10:45:49 PM] lexi: dudes not so bad hes actually kinda funny if youd actually listen to him

[10:46:10 PM] lexi: but he doesnt want his friends to make fun of him either so he just doesnt say anything

[10:46:23 PM] lexi: but of course cliche dave doesnt know john was there

[10:46:57 PM] lexi: so he gets all confused when john starts being more quiet and beings to avoid him

[10:47:19 PM] lexi: and dave is upset by this cuz he thought they were actually starting to become friends and whatnot

[10:47:26 PM] lexi: like hey he’ll try anything once

[10:47:46 PM] lexi: but john just kinda stops talking to a lot of people all together

[10:48:01 PM] lexi: (im just writing whatever comes to mind rn)

[10:48:16 PM] lexi: but he has like one or two friends hes made that he confides in

[10:48:28 PM] lexi: and his friends say what an ass move dave pulled

[10:48:45 PM] lexi: and john wants to agree but for some reason he just cant

[10:49:10 PM] lexi: and dave throughout this time is still trying to hold conversations with john

[10:49:15 PM] lexi: small as they may be

[10:49:33 PM] lexi: to just try to get him to open up again and be that kid he was paired with on day one

[10:49:44 PM] lexi: but he kinda stops trying

[10:49:49 PM] lexi: and john notices

[10:49:54 PM] lexi: sadness ensues

[10:50:15 PM] lexi: dave stops hanging around him when he doesnt have to be at his side

[10:50:34 PM] lexi: which dave only does because john just refuses to talk with him

[10:50:50 PM] lexi: and john is really upset by this

[10:50:54 PM] lexi: and then at some point

[10:50:59 PM] lexi: maybe in the cafeteria

[10:51:11 PM] lexi: john can hear daves table and their conversation

[10:51:18 PM] lexi: and of course its about john

[10:52:22 PM] lexi: dude whats up with the freak? idk but the silence is nice dont push it. blah blah daves little boyfriend got his panties in a twist or what?

[10:52:32 PM] lexi: and dve just kinda fuckin has it and tells them off

[10:52:59 PM] lexi: he doesnt go sit with john though he just walks out of the cafeteria and sits on the dock at the lake or something

[10:53:55 PM] lexi: (maybe there was this scene where john taught dave to swim or something. but at night and in private because no one could know mr. coolkid couldnt swim)

[10:54:09 PM] lexi: but he just sits there and contemplates

[10:54:20 PM] lexi: puts his feet in the water idk

[10:54:42 PM] lexi: and either john runs out after him or he finds him later idk

[10:54:51 PM] lexi: but john finds him

[10:55:03 PM] lexi: and thanks him for standing up for him

[10:55:07 PM] lexi: dave is quiet

[10:55:27 PM] lexi: at some point thorughout the story crushes are formed and crap

[10:55:42 PM] lexi: and then maybe they kiss on that dock depending

[10:55:51 PM] lexi: on what romantic situations lead up to it

[10:56:10 PM] lexi: but yeah at some point they kiss

[10:56:15 PM] lexi: maybe dave does it

[10:56:21 PM] lexi: maybe john does it

[10:56:26 PM] lexi: maybe its both idk

[10:56:59 PM] lexi: and then they have quiet sex on the top bunk like a week  or two later

[10:57:12 PM] lexi: and then camp comes to a close

[10:57:29 PM] lexi: and john has to go back to him home in washington and dvae has to go back to houston

[10:57:50 PM] lexi: but they talk on pesterchum and stuff and visit each others houses

[10:57:58 PM] lexi: and idk even now where im going w this

[10:58:02 PM] lexi: ok i

[10:58:05 PM | Edited 10:58:11 PM] lexi: think im done for now

[11:03:20 PM] lexi: im just so temped to draw like

[11:03:24 PM] lexi: boyscout john

[11:03:57 PM] Sarah  Watson: yes

[11:04:03 PM] Sarah  Watson: i think that

[11:04:15 PM] Sarah  Watson: u shoud make it a boy girl camp

[11:04:17 PM] Sarah  Watson: so that

[11:04:34 PM] Sarah  Watson: like one night all the boys in their cabin wanna sneak out to the girls side

[11:04:50 PM] Sarah  Watson: so they do but then john and dave are ike well chill here

[11:04:56 PM] lexi: yes omg

[11:04:59 PM] Sarah  Watson: and they frick

[11:05:01 PM] lexi: yes

[11:05:03 PM] lexi: thank you

[11:05:03 PM] lexi: omg

[11:05:05 PM] lexi: yes

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