campskaia discussions/spoilers i guess under cut

[12:36:56 AM] Sarah  Watson: hey

[12:37:00 AM] lexi: hi

[12:37:08 AM] Sarah  Watson: sorry skype was updating

[12:37:11 AM] lexi: aha ok

[12:37:17 AM] lexi: alright so i was thinking

[12:37:40 AM] lexi: that dirk totally crushes on jake in a really unfunny way

[12:37:50 AM] Sarah  Watson: mm hhmm

[12:38:04 AM] lexi: jake is of course oblivious but dave can tell and makes fun of him for it

[12:38:11 AM] Sarah  Watson: unfunny by which u mean what like serious

[12:38:15 AM] lexi: yes

[12:38:19 AM] Sarah  Watson: k

[12:38:22 AM] lexi: so like

[12:38:29 AM] lexi: they become total bros

[12:38:32 AM] lexi: and jake is just

[12:38:51 AM] lexi: “oh man dirk ol fellow you sure are a riot. such a great pal”

[12:39:16 AM] lexi: and dirk is still pretty socially awkward and everything

[12:39:21 AM] lexi: and then he feels threatened

[12:39:27 AM] lexi: because jane has a crush on jake too

[12:39:32 AM] lexi: and theyve been friends since like

[12:39:35 AM] lexi: childhood

[12:39:37 AM] lexi: so

[12:39:38 AM] Sarah  Watson: yeye

[12:40:04 AM] lexi: not only does dirk not feel confident about his crush due to him being a male

[12:40:20 AM] lexi: he also doesnt feel confident because of the relationship jane and jake already have

[12:40:32 AM] Sarah  Watson: :(

[12:40:43 AM] lexi: and dirk thinks its so obvious that jane is crushing on jake

[12:41:00 AM] lexi: but he doesnt understand how thick headed jake is, and jake has absolutely no idea

[12:41:07 AM] Sarah  Watson: so basically how it was back at the start of act 6

[12:41:12 AM] lexi: p much

[12:41:14 AM] lexi: ye

[12:41:15 AM] Sarah  Watson: hehe

[12:41:17 AM] lexi: ehehe

[12:41:20 AM] lexi: OK SO

[12:41:43 AM] lexi: all the CITs share a cabin

[12:41:58 AM] lexi: but not bathrooms they have to use the communals

[12:42:07 AM] Sarah  Watson: ye

[12:42:32 AM] lexi: dirk likes to shower late at night cuz then he avoids every one because he likes his privacy and is also pretty introverted

[12:42:38 AM] lexi: so

[12:42:42 AM] lexi: here comes the dirkjake

[12:42:46 AM] lexi: are you prepared

[12:42:46 AM] Sarah  Watson: steamy

[12:42:48 AM] lexi: yes

[12:42:51 AM] lexi: ahaa ok but

[12:42:56 AM] Sarah  Watson: get it cause shower

[12:43:04 AM] lexi: ahaa DONT omg i love puns

[12:43:10 AM] Sarah  Watson: ok continue

[12:43:13 AM] lexi: OK SO

[12:43:33 AM] lexi: he’s showering and hears someone enter but cant see who it is

[12:43:44 AM] lexi: yells that the shower is occupied even though its communal

[12:44:08 AM] lexi: but the ‘person’ aka jake doesnt hear him because he blasts his ear buds at ungodly levels

[12:44:29 AM] lexi: and its too late once jake comes around the corner, towl and shower things in hand

[12:44:44 AM] lexi: and dirk of course is having a breakdown and turns to try and hide himself

[12:44:47 AM] lexi: but jake is just

[12:45:06 AM] lexi: “oh dirk! didnt know anyone was still awake”

[12:45:16 AM] lexi: and dirk just kinda mumbles

[12:45:31 AM] lexi: and avoids eye contact because he’s very much NAKED

[12:45:47 AM] lexi: and jake just doesnt really care and cant tell that dirk DOES

[12:46:18 AM] lexi: but of course jake strips down and joins him under the adjacent showerhead

[12:46:52 AM] lexi: dirk just doesnt know what to do

[12:47:32 AM] lexi: ‘should i leave should i stay isnt this weird oh my god please dont turn around please dont touch me oh my god please stop’

[12:48:00 AM] lexi: but jake is just holding menial conversation

[12:48:01 AM] Sarah  Watson: awh

[12:48:12 AM] lexi: maybe about some of the kids in their groups idk

[12:48:26 AM] Sarah  Watson: gossip ooh

[12:48:29 AM] lexi: but dirk is losing what cool he had left

[12:48:29 AM] lexi: ahah

[12:48:34 AM] Sarah  Watson: ye

[12:49:30 AM] lexi: and he drops his soap and he has a heart attack because HE KNOWS WHAT THAT MEANS and his head is in the gutter but jake doesnt pay any mind to it and dirk is crumbling


[12:50:15 AM] Sarah  Watson: omg

[12:50:38 AM] lexi: and he can feel himself just getting aROUSED and he nEEDS TO LEAVE so he just shuts off the water and scurries out

[12:50:48 AM] lexi: ‘leaving so soon, mate?’

[12:51:12 AM] lexi: and dirk doesnt even answer just pulls on a pair of boxers, wraps his towl around himself and LEAVES

[12:51:57 AM] lexi: and jake is just jake and doesnt really see anything wrong with what just happens and just kinda shrugs and goes back to showering

[12:52:35 AM] lexi: dirk and roxy become best friends and he talks to her about this and she pokes fun at him but he scolds her and she tries to give him some advice

[12:53:04 AM] lexi: but jane has asked her too because now SHE feels threatened by dirk and his relationship with jake and feels they have much more in common

[12:53:13 AM] lexi: aaaaaannnd

[12:53:31 AM] lexi: it will eventually end w a side pairing of dirkjake

[12:53:32 AM] lexi: i just

[12:53:35 AM] Sarah  Watson: #feelignngs

[12:53:48 AM] lexi: have to think about what else can happen to make jake fall for dirk, too

[12:53:51 AM] lexi: bluh

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