I am broke and have no other way of earning money that I need

What I’ll draw:
- Fanart(aha obviously)
- OCs
- Light NSFW(we can discuss this)
- Light furry(like tails/ears(we can also discuss this somewhat)

You can discuss with me about items that aren’t on this list

What I won’t draw:
- Machinery
- Mechas
- Anthro
- Intense gore

Paypal only! (USD) I always make a traditional sketch first. Once that’s done, I’ll show you the sketch/have it cleared and then accept payment before starting the digital work

I’ll only be taking a few at a time so I don’t overwhelm myself, so if I don’t respond to your email right away this is why aha just please be patient

To buy a commission, please contact me via email at

Any questions can be directed to either my ask or my email :)

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